How long will the treatment last?

It should last up to three months depending on the client’s hair type.

Can I wash my hair after the application is completed?

Yes, we developed the formulas, so you have the convenience of washing your hair to remove product at the same day.

How can I maintain my keratin treatment?

The best way to maintain your keratin treatment is to use the appropriate maintenance care at home. Please see our 4HAIR Home Care line to find the ideal products for you.

Will the keratin treatments make my hair permanently straight?

No, the hair should little by little come back to its original texture. The time will vary according with the hair texture and thickness. However, note that the treatment is thermo active and you will need the heat of the blow dryer to make the hair straight.

Can I use the treatment in chemically treated hair?

Yes, the products are safe to be used in chemically treated hair.

Should I color or highlight the hair before or after using the 4Hair keratins?

You should first apply color or highlights when using the Progressive, the Power and the Bottox keratin. However, when using the Hemp Healing Mask, you should color after the treatment is completed

Is your product formaldehyde free?

Only the Hemp Healing mask with apple steam cells and hemp oil is formaldehyde free. Please go to the product page for more information or how to apply.

Can I use the products in previously relaxed hair?

You can use any of the keratins and any of the treatments. However, test a small section of hair when applying the Hemp Healing Mask to previously relaxed hair.

Is there a specific way to flat iron the hair?

The flat iron should be applied in small sections using the help of a fine comb. The flat iron should be applied continuously from top to bottom of every section without stopping. The temperature of the iron should be at 400 F. If the hair is fragile the temperature can be lower to 350 or 380 degrees.