How long will the treatment last?

It should last up to three months depending on the client’s hair type.

Can I wash the hair after the application with any shampoo?

Yes, but if you use our maintenance line Shampoo, conditioner, and leave in the treatment might last longer since the product is also thermo-active.

How many times should I flat iron the hair?

Wavy hair about 5 times per hair section. Curlier hair about 10 times per hair section.

Will the hair the permanently straight after it has been washed?

No. Since the product is thermo-active, you will need the heat of the blow dryer to make the hair straight.

Can I use this product in chemically treated hair?

Yes. This product is safe to be used on chemically treated hair.

Should I color or highlight hair before or after using 4HAIR?

You should first apply color or highlights and after apply the 4HAIR Keratin treatments. However, our 4HAIR LITE SOLUTION (formaldehyde is not an active ingredient in this product) might fade semi-permanent hair colors mostly Red tones and Dark Black hair. However, we did not see any change in blondes or highlighted hair. For more details please call us.

Can I use 4HAIR if the hair has been previously permanent straightened?

Yes.You can!

Can I let my client go home without washing their hair in the salon?

No. We recommend the hair be washed in the salon after every application.

Is there a specific way for the flat iron to be applied?

The flat iron should be applied in small sections using the help of a fine comb. The flat iron should be applied continuously from top to bottom of every section without stopping. The temperature of the iron should be at 400 F. If the hair is fragile the temperature can be lower to 350 or 380 degrees.

Is your product formaldehyde free?

Our 3 4HAIR Brazilian Keratin treatments are mild and wash on the same day. However, the only one that doesn’t have formaldehyde as its active ingredient is the 4HAIR LITE SOLUTION. We were able to provide similar results that will also last 3 or more months.

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