About 4Hair Cosmetics

Established in 1989, our Company is a family owned business importing and exporting products from and to Brazil. Our success and prosperity has been possible due to the loyalty of our customers. Many of them have been with us for years. Therefore, our goal has always been to provide our customers with excellent customer service.

4HAIR COSMETICS offers the best quality keratin hair treatments available in the market today. The health of your hair is our priority.

Our Brazilian Keratin Treatments were developed to be washed on the same day, therefore; it is safer and it gives professionals the confidence and the ability to show the amazing results at their salon.

After years of research, we decided to develop a new line of keratin treatments to solve different hair problems. Since we started to import the 4HAIR line of products from Brazil, we have been presented only with good compliments and reviews from our customers.

We strongly believe that you will be as satisfied as we are to work with this superior line.

We test the products ourselves before producing them, so they are made with the highest raw materials and ingredients.  Your feedback is highly appreciated. We know right now, there is someone thanking 4Hair for their amazing hair.