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Chocolate Mask

Chocolate Mask

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CHOCOLATE NANO-KERATIN MASK is a product developed with amino acids and essential proteins. It is rich and thick texture will completely restore the hair’s damaged cuticle by filling the hair strand with small particles of keratin removing frizz and restoring the hair.

Deep Conditioning reconstructing Mask with a delicious luxurious chocolate fragrance. Its thick formula is made with small particles of nano keratin that will replenish the hair with protein that it might be lost during the day-to-day life of the hair. It will restore shine and movement to opaque and lifeless hair. It will strengthen week and fragile hair removing frizz and fly away hair. Free from chemicals


How to apply

Wash hair twice with 4Hair clarifying Shampoo (link to shampoo)

Towel dry hair

Apply mask throughout

Let hair rest under a heat source for 30 minutes

Rinse with water

Dry hair 100%

Flat iron hair to seal hair cuticle

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